• Towel Day is not a contrivance of the Reading Program Committee

    While this summer's Reading Program's theme is "Make A Splash: Dive Into a Great Book @ Your Library," today's "holiday" celebrated around the world has absolutely nothing to do with it. If of course you are a galaxy-hopping, intergalactic vagabond, you may wish to take note of this most auspicious day. Towel Day is a
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  • Google tool shows Oil Spill Progression

    Here is a little Google Maps tool that provides graphical overlays of the recent oil spill from the BP platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Disturbing I know, but fascinating none the less. Google's Oil Spill Map:
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  • Bread, the Bard, and the Pack

    A Snack Attack Sonnet Alas! Snack Attack where have ye gone!!! We broke bread, we listened to song We cracked jokes, we celebrated in style And regaled one another with tales of heady times bearing imagination's sails. Around the world, we traversed the miles From China and its explosive New Year to Mardi Gras Stuffing and Roux all the way back
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  • President 2.0 is at it again

    Feeling left out of President Barack Obama's inner circle? Wish you could have that almost there feeling of being part of history? Well, said Prez has recently no doubt fulfilled another presidential first by creating the official White House Flickr page . See B and Joe shoot puts on the House's greens. Or right click that lovable image of Bo
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  • It's Nowruz!!! And no, I'm not talkin' about Shriners

    Once again Snack Attack @ the Mac has come and gone, with a few savvy world travelers left impressed. Tomorrow is the Persian holiday of Nowruz, which marks the return of spring and a new year. Many traditions surround this holiday which finds its roots in Zoroastrianism . We broke fresh pita together and listened as a couple of the Snack Attack Pack
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  • And I thought James Patterson just wrote hundreds of books

    I recently caught James Patterson doing the talk show schtick and was intrigued by a project he mentioned to the interviewer. Imagine my surprise when I found a plethora of book suggestions for young readers of most ages. With clean graphics and slick user experience, ReadKiddoRead is a great recommendation for new readers that may be a little apprehensive
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  • The MAN Better Give Me My Money!!!

    Filed your taxes and are now impatient to get the money you and your accountant think you are owed? It looks like technology may be slowly catching up to our collective impatience. Both the IRS as well as the Indiana Department of Revenue offer web pages that give tax payers the ability to check on their already filed claim for return. The set-ups are
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  • Snack Attack, Mardi Gras Style

    For those who didn't make yesterday's Snack Attack @ the MaC, I'll give you a second to weep... What you missed was Emeril's super-duper Creole Cornbread Stuffing , and Gourmet magazine's Cajun Chicken Stew . Be aware these foods included veggies, and the kids ate the stuff up!!! (With a little help from yours truly) I have to say
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  • Grammys weren't *gasp* all about the sales

    Interesting night in the awards show department. Top of the list is Robert Plant and Alison Krauss for their haunting performance on Raising Sand . I gotta say this is a great album that, while old world, is alive in a real way. As with all other awards shows this year, Coldplay won for and performed Viva La Vida that god-awful song in pastel band uniforms
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  • Remember the "Creature from the Black Lagoon"?

    When I was a young lad, way back in the 70's, we used to watch " The Creature from the Black Lagoon " in 3-D on Halloween. We would have to go get 3-D glasses from the store and prepare ourselves for the red/blue-glasses headache (Ahhhh promotional marketing.) Fast forward three decades to Super Bowl XLIII and once again 3-D is all the
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