• Shutter Island... Good or Bad?

    So often I am of a single mind when it comes to liking or disliking a particular movie (just read some of my other posts and you'll see what I mean.) But in the case of the latest Leonardo DiCaprio DVD Release, I am of two minds. Without giving too much away, Shutter Island is the story of a man getting to the bottom of a mystery on an island prison
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  • Towel Day is not a contrivance of the Reading Program Committee

    While this summer's Reading Program's theme is "Make A Splash: Dive Into a Great Book @ Your Library," today's "holiday" celebrated around the world has absolutely nothing to do with it. If of course you are a galaxy-hopping, intergalactic vagabond, you may wish to take note of this most auspicious day. Towel Day is a
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  • Google tool shows Oil Spill Progression

    Here is a little Google Maps tool that provides graphical overlays of the recent oil spill from the BP platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Disturbing I know, but fascinating none the less. Google's Oil Spill Map:
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  • Sherlock Holmes is taking back "deduction" from the IRS

    I was really skeptical about the quality of the new " Sherlock Holmes " when I saw how quickly it came to video. However, Robert Downey Jr. has again left me thankful this actor didn't end his days the way of Belushi or Farley. Every time this guy puts on a character role I find myself entertained. Whether it is channeling real-life characters
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  • New Moon?!? I think I prefer the Old Moon...

    New Moon fans answer me one question. Did you all honestly think the first two movies were good? Between mediocre green screen acting and the general lack of anything going on, I found myself thoroughly bored. I'll keep it real, I read the books and didn't care for them either, but the driving force behind them was the internal struggle of the
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  • Cuba Gooding Jr. May Be "Hardwired" For Failure

    Do you remember the days of Jerry McGuire when Cuba Gooding Jr. played a cut, overly-emotional, oscar-accepting superstar? What happened to that guy? I'm not sure when the still-young actor jumped the shark, but Daddy Day Camp? The Devil's Tomb? Wrong Turn at Tahoe? Hardwired? These last three I am particularly interested in seeing due to the
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  • Not so Fast, and you may leave Furious

    First off, I don't care how tough of a rear wheel-drive car you have, wheelies are pretty much impossible in a car that has an engine under the hood. Even Fieros don't do wheelies, let alone V-8 muscle cars from the 70's, so you can understand my initial disbelief while watching the most recent of street rod action in Fast & Furious
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  • Bread, the Bard, and the Pack

    A Snack Attack Sonnet Alas! Snack Attack where have ye gone!!! We broke bread, we listened to song We cracked jokes, we celebrated in style And regaled one another with tales of heady times bearing imagination's sails. Around the world, we traversed the miles From China and its explosive New Year to Mardi Gras Stuffing and Roux all the way back
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  • President 2.0 is at it again

    Feeling left out of President Barack Obama's inner circle? Wish you could have that almost there feeling of being part of history? Well, said Prez has recently no doubt fulfilled another presidential first by creating the official White House Flickr page . See B and Joe shoot puts on the House's greens. Or right click that lovable image of Bo
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  • New Bond Left Me Stirred, Not Shaken

    I have to say I've always been a fan of the 007 franchise of movies. From Sean to Roger , Dalton to Brosnan , I've seen them all. However, until Daniel Craig took the reigns of Her Majesty's most secret assignments I never knew how really great the series could be. This started with the stark realness of the the remake of " Casino Royale
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