• It's National Library Week!

    It might seem odd to advertise National Library Week on the movies blog, but in recent years, libraries have really become a hub of popular culture, and librarians are an important link in that chain. So , to celebrate National Library Week, here's a fun blog post on favorite pop culture librarians . Enjoy! And feel free to add your favorite to
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  • Coco Avant Chanel (Coco Before Chanel) and The September Issue

    I love Chanel. Seriously - since childhood, I've been obsessed with someday, somehow owning some tiny piece of Chanel something . I even (somewhere, although sadly I could not dig it up for this post) have a photo of me in West Palm Beach, Florida, over Spring Break in 1991, kissing the door of the Chanel boutique. (It was closed...night-time.)
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  • With friends like these...

    Wow. When I started reading Luncinda Rosenfeld's new book I'm So Happy for You , I thought that there might be some character growth in the novel. I was wrong. Touted as "a novel about best friends", and lauded on the cover by Publisher's Weekly and authors like Zoe Heller ( Notes on a Scandal ), I was expecting something along
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  • Remembering 9/11

    As a student of history, I am fascinated by the interactive ways in which New Yorkers (and others who were in NYC at the time the World Trade Center was attacked) are contributing to the memory of 9/11. The outpouring of personal stories, videos, photos, items from loved ones and other ephemera is staggering and impressive. The National September 11
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  • Notes on Cooking

    Whether you're a total novice or a more seasoned cook, Notes on Cooking: A Short Guide to an Essential Craft is a great basic book on the ins and outs of cooking - just basic cooking. Not French cooking, or Indian Cooking, or sushi-making - just the basic rules of the kitchen. For instance - did you know that you can test the freshness of an egg
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  • Evernote

    I spend a lot of time trying to find things on the Internet. Not just for other people - for me, too. And a lot of times, I will find a web address, write it down, and promptly forget about it - or find it days, weeks, even months later - with absolutely no idea of why I jotted it down in the first place. I've recently discovered a handy way to
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  • Iconic Great Depression photos viewable at Flickr

    If you're not aware of Flickr, or what it is/does/can do, it's an online community for photo sharing...check it out at . The White House has a photostream, as does the Library of Congress , which is making available to the public via flickr digitized versions of many of the most recognizable images from the Depression-era photdocumentary
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  • Google Public Data Search

    One of the great things about Google that not many are aware of is its versatility when it comes to finding information. For example, if you want to know how to convert $500 into Euros, go to , type in 500 dollars in euros, and hit enter. You'll get the value of US Dollars to Euros at the current level of exchange. Now it's possible
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  • Apple's app counter

    I stumbled across the news today that Apple is just about to the 1 billion mark in app downloads since last July, when the app store for the iPhone and iPod touch went live. They've posted a nifty countdown webpage that runs in real time, and also allows you to view the top 20 apps of all time. Check it out! A fun and interesting diversion.
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  • Still waiting on that stimulus check? Don't hold your breath...

    If you've been checking your mailbox every day, looking for that fat stimulus check that may or may not have come around this time last year, check this out: an interesting article appeared in, outlining some of the major misconceptions regarding the Obama stimulus package. And, you mayb have already guessed the #1 misconception.
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