• Indiana Veterans of World War I

    Do you have a family member who served during World War I, the "war to end all wars""? The original federal military records were lost in a fire in St Louis, so a 5-year project is researching the Indiana Veterans of World War I . Among other resources used, Service Records of Vanderburgh County by Ethel F. McCoullough and C.F. Hammerstein
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  • Evansville Historical Records for Businesses and Immigrants

    The people at the Browning Family Foundation, who brought you the Browning Genealogy Database (Evansville area newspaper obituaries) and contributed to the Local History Database , have constructed 3 more historical databases to help local history buffs! If you're looking for an early business and want to know when it started or who started it,
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  • America’s Bank Crisis –Quick Information Links

    I just had a question from a person who wanted some quick Internet sites to follow the recent bill, " Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 " that was approved by the Senate October 1, the House October 3, and signed into law by the President . Here's a 1 page summary of it:
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  • LibGuides from HowStuffWorks

    I've always been a sucker for dropping by HowStuffWorks to see entertaining how-to's. After all, you never know when you might be called upon to build a straw bale house or explain to your 7-year-old how a Star Wars light saber appears to be real in a movie but she's not going to see a working version in Wal-Mart any time soon. Certainly
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  • Indiana Economic Digest – New! -- Indiana Business News Stories Online

    A new Indiana business news source has just gone online. Do you need to know who's hiring, who's firing, and what programs the local, state, and federal government is pushing? Indiana Economic Digest is a daily collection of business, housing, health and development news stories from daily Indiana newspapers. You can check out the most recent
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  • Browning Genealogy Database now available on VINE

    Digital records from EVPL's Browning Genealogy Database can now be seen in the State Library's VINE database ( ). Vital Information Exchange, (VINE), is a collaborative state wide database that searches databases on Indiana local history and vital records from Indiana libraries, historical societies, genealogy societies, etc
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  • Silver Bullets for Your Werewolf Problem?

    I always admire writers who do a professional job of researching their material, whether they're writing fiction or non-fiction. I have been avidly reading Patricia Briggs' series about Mercy Thompson, mechanic and coyote shapeshifter. In her first book, Mercy deals with a pesky werewolf problem by casting her own silver bullets and blasting
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