• Spring Has Sprung

    Flowers, bees, and colorful eggs abound when Spring is in the air. Make sure you are ready with some great chiildren's books sure to delight the entire family. Peepsqueak by Leslie Ann Clark is a short funny book about a little chick trying a great big thing...flying! Repetitive text and really cute pictures will keep you easily entertained as well
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  • The little cloud that could...

    Small, little Cloudette just isn't big enough to accomplish something making a garden grow, a waterfall, or even...snow! "I'll just watch from here," she says. After being blown to a new neighborhood, she meets a frog in need. Can she huff and puff enough? The theme of this story is size truly doesn't matter! Check
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  • Stick to the schedule

    Mister Bud likes things the way they are...his house, his toys, his schedule. But when a new dog comes to live with him, there's trouble. Zorro is bossy, Mister Bud is grumpy, but something surprising happens. Say Hello to Zorro! is about two complete opposites who find out they could be best friends. Anyone who has ever had a dog will love the
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  • W-a-g D-i-g M-u-d

    Meet Rocket, a sweet white dog who just wants to nap all day. But, tiny yellow bird has other ideas--like teaching him the wonderful alphabet. Rocket starts sounding out letters and spelling words, but, summer only lasts so long and little yellow bird must fly south for the winter. Rocket can't wait for S-P-R-I-N-G! How Rocket Learned to Read is
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  • Deliciously Sweet

    Friendship that overcomes insecurity and lonliness is the theme of this story and it comes to you in the most perfect form of delicious-- a Cupcake ! A plain vanilla cupcake, who, next to his fancy decorated family, finds himself still sitting on the plate all by himself, unchosen. Walking by is a perfectly plain candle who finds himself in the same
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  • Bless You!

    Do you have the flu? Achoo! Did you know that teaching your children to cover thier mouths when they cough or sneeze is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of germs? Achoo! Did you know that with the current H1N1 flu issues, having your child wash thier hands and use a tissue (not their sleeves) can go a long way to stop the spread
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  • Cursed

    The Pire family was perfectly happy living on Nostfer Avenue. But, when the new neighbors move in, things change quickly. The Wolfson's stay up all night, they lock their windows, and they love sunshine! What's a happy vampire family to do? They are too different in too many ways to get along. Little Pire Bram writes to his Grandfather in Transylvania
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  • Today's the perfect day

    See that awful weather outside? Feel that chilly nip in the air? Today is the perfect day! Let's do nothing ! This story is about two little boys who have spent their day doing everything. Now what? They try to do the near impossible task of ten whole seconds of nothing! Hold their breath, not a blink of an eye, remain absolutely still. The cartoon
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  • There is just so much dirt in the world…

    The farmyard is a dirty place. Can you imagine? Louisa, the pig with the pretty pink purse, writes letter after letter to upper management only to get this response…..”Dear Disgruntled, if you don’t like it, you can clean it up yourself.” Louisa huffs off to the big city, but learns that the farm really isn’t that bad
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  • Puppy Love

    Yes, it’s true. Nothing is cuter than a boy and his dog. And before we got our puppy we read a lot of books about different kinds of dogs, behaviors, and training. Did you know that the library has over 1700 children’s books about dogs? While I won’t go through the entire list, here are just a few of our favorites.
    Posted to Kids Blog (Weblog) by HipChick@evpl on 08-04-2009
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