• Books to Warm your Heart

    February is full of holidays and special events, and we have books for every occasion. Here are some heart-warming books for that chilly mid-winter holiday, Valentine's Day ( February 14) and a bonus book for Black History Month. Dog meets Cat (and falls in love). They don't speak the same language. Are they doomed to misunderstand each other
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  • Counting to Christmas

    Waiting for an anticipated event (like Christmas) can be very difficult for young children, who have not developed a sense of the passage of time. Here are some books to help them count down the days. Counting to Christmas by Nancy Tafuri is a large-format book with bright, simple illustrations. A little girl spends the days before Christmas preparing
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  • Two Books for Boys (and Adventurous Girls)

    Kids who enjoy stories about knights in armor and medieval life will want to read Roland Wright, Future Knight. Ten-year-old Roland longs to be knight, but that's an honor reserved for the noble class, and not the son of a blacksmith. When armor made by Roland's father saves the king's life, the unthinkable happens: the king invites the
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  • Zany Wooden Toys

    I'm not a woodworker myself, but if I were, I would want to work my way through all the projects in Zany Wooden Toys the Whiz, Spin, Pop and Fly . It's a delightfully colorful book filled with excellent illustrative photos, clear and precise how-to drawings, and really fun-looking projects. There's an appendix that provides a tutorial on
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  • Books for Boys and Ghouls

    With just about a week left until Halloween, most of the Halloween books in our Holiday collections have been snapped up and won't reappear until at least the Day of the Dead (Nov. 1). But here's a monstrous secret: many spooky stories are not found in the Holiday collection. Here are some books that will put a shiver up your spine or a coax
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  • Animals and ABCs

    Kids love animals, so Creature ABC will fascinate them with its range of familiar and not-so-familiar beasts.Photographs from Andrew Zuckerman's 2007 work Creature are arranged alphabet-book style, with a letter and photograph on facing pages, then another photograph and a word on the next 2-page spread. The photographs have to be seen to appreciate
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    Libraries and librarians are known as promoters of intellectual freedom , but I was shocked to find this dangerous and subversive propaganda among my new books. Lunch Lady and the League of Librarians purports to be an account of the exploits of dubious superhero "Lunch Lady" as she defeats the evil League of Librarians. The League of Librarians
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  • Mercy Watson to the Rescue!

    When my husband and I travel, I always bring audiobooks to pass the time. Last week we took a trip to Michigan with two of our grandchildren, ages 4 and 6. I knew I would need audiobooks to keep them occupied, but how could I please everyone? What could I bring that would entertain both children and adults? Mercy Watson to the Rescue! I was very familiar
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  • Kid + Book = ?

    It thrills the hearts of librarians and parents when a child falls in love with a book. Some children are just born readers and will read any book they can get their hands on. Others aren't quite so eager, so when the reluctant reader "clicks" with a book, you want to build on that interest. What can you do when a child asks for a book
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  • Celebrate Poetry Month!

    98 young poets in grades K-12 submitted 130 poems to McCollough Branch for our first (annual?) Poetry Month celebration and contest. Subjects ranged from the African Plains to a humble Hoosier mushroom, from love and friendship to the wisdom of starting over. We hope that all those who participated enjoyed writing their poems and will keep on writing
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