• Quick and Easy Bookbinding Program

    Local artist, Kimberly Jones is going to offer an exciting program on the Japanese art of bookbinding. This program is scheduled on Thursday, October 18th at 6:00 PM in the Large Group Room on second floor at Central Library. She will teach us how to create and bind our very own journal from a recycled book. Don't miss this opportunity to learn
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  • Bad Movie Night: The Atomic Brain (1963)

    The plot of this week's Bad Movie is about a wealthy but miserable old lady who schemes with a scientist to have her brain implanted in a sexy young woman. The movie itself, along with the help from the Mystery Science crew make this movie a must-see to believe. Come join us for lots of laughs and refreshments at 6:00 PM in Central Library's
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  • Protecting Your Personal Information on the Web

    Do you know what kind of personal information about you can be found on the internet? Almost everyone who uses the internet has questioned at one time or another, the safety of their personal information on the web. Most people wonder if they are doing everything they can to protect that information. If you are interested in finding out more about this
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  • Crime Prevention with Officer Kevin Corbin

    Do you wonder if you are doing everything possible to avoid becoming a victim of a crime? Officer Kevin Corbin from the Evansville Police Department is going to give strategies and tips to ensure you and your loved ones are as safe as possible in your surroundings. Please join us for this important and informative program on Thursday, July 5 at 6:00
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  • Packhorse Librarians of Kentucky

    Come join us for the next Savvy Senior Series program on Thursday, June 21st at Hickory Lake Apartments to learn about the pack horse librarians of Kentucky during the Great Depression. The program will be presented by EVPL's Jan Steinmark. You'll see the children's book, Down Cut Shin Creek: the Pack Horse Librarians of Kentucky by Kathi
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  • Make a Dried Flower Creation

    Have you ever wanted to make a keepsake from your dried flowers? Local artist, Debbie Jacobs will show us how at the next Savvy Senior Series program. Come join us to learn tachniques and make a dried flower creation of your own. This program will be in Central Library's Browning Events Room on Wednesday, June 13 at 6:30 PM. As always, this program
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  • Make A Beautiful Organza Brooch

    At this week's Savvy Senior Series program, we are learning to make a brooch out of organza. Please join us and design your very own beautiful brooch to wear this summer. Carriage House Apartments at 5300 Carriage Drive is hosting this program at 2:00 PM on Thursday, May 17th. Come, be creative and join the fun! As always, the program is free and
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  • Birds, Birds, and More Birds!

    The Savvy Senior Series program this week presents local wildlife photographer Bill Vieth. He will be showing us his wonderful photographs of birds and discussing his adventures in places throughout the world. Places include Tanzania, Kenya, Brazil, Costa Rica and the Galapagos Islands, as well as the United States. This program will be held on Wednesday
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  • Hospice Makes Every Day Count

    Do you know how hospice care is different from other medical care? Or, have you ever wondered what services hospice provides and who is eligible? The next Savvy Senior Series program will answer this question and many more. On Thursday, March 29 at 2:00 PM a representative from VNA Hospice will present "Hospice Makes Every Day Count". This
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  • Container Gardening

    The next Savvy Senior Series program should get you in the mood for spring. Purdue Extension educator, Larry Caplan will be presenting “Container Gardening” at 2:00 PM on Thursday, March 22. This program will be held off-site at Liberty Terrace Apartments . Please click here for a location map. Come join us and discover how to garden even
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