• Endangered species: where to find current information

    We've always found it difficult to collect print items that have current lists of endangered species. Thanks to the internet, we no longer have to. For species that reside in the United States, the definitive source is the US Fish and Wildlife Service (the agency that enforces the Endangered Species Act). To access its list, which also includes
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  • Know before you go: travel planning online

    Wow. There are a LOT of travel websites out there. This is the time of year when blogs and magazines start rounding up some good sites for booking, researching, and deciding on your travel plans, which is a really good thing, because I think most of us would be lost without recommendations in this area. Lifehacker published a post in April about the
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  • How to check traffic problems before leaving for work

    We've been following a good number of Evansville Twitter users, and it's been quite interesting. It's a real community out there. (To find the tweeters we've found, just check out the list of who we're following on our Twitter page , although there are a number of non-Evansville accounts in that list too.) One of my favorites is
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  • Michael Buble, "Crazy Love"

    You may have caught Michael Buble singing after the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games. Not a hugely impressive performance for him, I thought -- the man has a remarkable voice and a classic style, in the mode of Sinatra and Darin. He does Vegas-style arrangements of standards and "classic pop" as well as anyone these days. His latest CD
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  • New credit card rules

    Back in May, President Barack Obama signed the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure, or Credit CARD, Act of 2009 into law. The legislation will help out consumers in a number of ways (but does not cap interest rates and fees). Most of this law's provisions go into effect very soon, on Feb. 22, 2010. One of my favorite consumer
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  • New CD round-up, part two

    Time for another fairly random sampling of some of our new CDs! If there isn't something you like on this list, visit the sound recording section to find something more to your tastes! Southern (Bill Emerson and the Sweet Dixie Band) may just be the perfect bluegrass album. Writes Juli Thanki, "it's an album that covers most of the standard
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  • Fiction with an Indiana twist

    I tried searching the catalog under the heading of Indiana -- fiction and found a list of fascinating titles. Here are some of the most recent: Sleeping with Anemone , by Kate Collins, is the latest installment in a series about a young female flower-shop owner/amateur sleath in small-town Indiana. Well-crafted plots, fun characters and some fast-paced
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  • Expanded coverage in Literary Reference Center

    We recently expanded our online literary resources when EBSCO upgraded Literary Reference Center to Literary Reference Center Plus. This new database offers additional reference works, literary journals, new contemporary literature titles, full-text literary study guides, audio content, and videos. This additional content, blended with the specialized
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  • Clutter-clearing, simplicity, and getting organized

    A number of my online friends and I have started watching "Hoarders" on A&E, and we all seem to have noticed a change in the way we view our posessions and our homes: our homes are beginning to look crowded, with too much "stuff." (And other people's, too -- I'm amazed at all the people who park in their driveways in
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  • Links for the holidays

    I've come across a whole bunch of links appropriate to the season. The Federal Trade Commission has all the info you need about gift cards , with tips on what to ask when you buy them, and contacts for problems. The Responsible Shopper wants to promote a responsible economy, and believes consumer education is a good way to do that. Their database
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