• Fun Ways to Learn About Classical Music

    Classics for Kids is a radio station based out in Cincinnati Ohio where its host Naomi Lewin brings classical music's great composers to life through music and stories. Within this website there is a bit of everything for everyone! Children and adults can listen to interviews of current renowned classical artists such as Keri-Lynn Wilson who holds
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  • Boom-a-Tunes for Preschoolers!

    For the past three years I have taught instrumental music lessons for 6-12 year olds at Central Library. During this time many of the parents have asked, “When will you be offering this kind of program for preschoolers?” Well parents, grandparents and guardians alike…I am FINALLY offering an instrumental program for preschoolers.
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  • Mystery Theatre: Calling all 'Tween Detectives!

    Calling all 'Tween Detectives! There has been a murder that MUST be solved! Someone has murdered Professor Dodgson from the Department of Jabberwocky Studies at Central Library! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to follow the clues left behind by the murderer scattered about within the library. Register online or by calling the READ
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  • Calling All Tweens: Open Mic Night this Friday!

    Are you eager to show off your latest poetry, short story, unique abilities or musical talents? Do you have some excellent artwork to display? Join the ‘Tween Open Mic Night for the opportunity to show off your creative side. Each individual who registers to show their creative abilities on the stage will be allowed up to 3 minutes to show their
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  • Beginning Recorder Class Registration is OPEN!

    Central Library's Beginning Recorder Class is back! I am excited to announce that it has officially been one year since this course has been implemented and over 70 students have participated in this two month course and played at our student recital. You might be wondering what this course costs. Absolutely nothing! As long as you or your child
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  • Holiday Harmony Multi-Cultural Event

    We are currently looking for people to sing or speak the first verse of Silent Night in other languages. In the past we have had the pleasure of hearing this verse in Swahili, Navajo, Dutch, German, Japanese and Gaelic. If you or someone you know would be interested in participating in our Annual Holiday Harmony event, held Wednesday, December 16th
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  • Recorder Registrations Are Around the Corner

    The fall season is right around the corner, as is the fall registration for the 4th season of our Beginning Recorder Classes. The Beginning Recorder Class will teach children basic skills in reading music, learning rhythm and defining musical terms while gaining an appreciation of music; a perfect course for kids interested in music and need somewhere
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  • Recorder Classes Free to the Public

    One of the first questions I am often asked when talking about the recorder classes offered at Central Library is, "How much will it cost?" Well, thanks to generous grants from the Boer-Suhrheinrich Foundation, The George Mesker Music Trust and The James R. and Adelaid Duncan Foundation the cost is zero. Well, that may not be completely true
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  • Supplemental Music Material for Children

    I was fortunate to come across an amazing book that greatly helped me when teaching my recorder classes last October. Because it was such a great resource, we decided that it would be wonderful to have a copy to circulate within the branches. This book is called " Music Today and Every Day " by Tod F. Kline. This resource compiles lessons
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  • Father Goose: An Up and Coming Children's Music Artist

    If you haven’t noticed, musical artists are finally recognizing children as a target audience. However, if you are anything like me, you don’t want to be stuck listening to Barney or the Wiggles for days as their music is truly not that stimulating. Believe it or not, parents want to have fun with their children while stimulating their children’s
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