• New Book Group

    Page Turners is a new book group focusing on thoughtful works of fiction from different time periods, countries, and genres. Each season the list of books will revolve around a theme which will stay consistent and then change with each new season. The first four books listed focus on exemplary works of literary American fiction from the second half
    Posted to Books Blog (Weblog) by LemmyCaution@evpl on 09-23-2011
  • New Music Titles

    If you're feeling adventurous, and looking for some of the most engaging and creative artists currently working, then you might find some of musicians or bands listed below satisfying. A singer-songwriter with a long and storied career that includes membership in the indie power-pop supergroup, The New Pornographers , Dan Bejar has shifted from
    Posted to Music Blog (Weblog) by LemmyCaution@evpl on 08-13-2011
  • Cycling: A Beginners Guide

    Have you wanted to start cycling, but don't know where to begin? Then come out to the North Park Branch Library Thursday the 28 and Paul Jensen from the Evansville Bicycle Club will be on hand to answer questions. The program will focus on a variety of topics from buying your first bike to safety and training. Paul will also be talking about training
    Posted to Research Blog (Weblog) by LemmyCaution@evpl on 07-27-2011
  • Slow Cinema

    Tired of the mindless and obnoxious effects laden summer blockbusters inundating the multiplex? Looking for something adventurous and contemplative that forces you to slow down and take in what a director has constructed on screen? Then try a variety of films from all around the world that constitute examples of "slow cinema," and are available
    Posted to Movies Blog (Weblog) by LemmyCaution@evpl on 06-30-2011
  • Blow Out

    The Criterion Company continues its amazing track record of preserving classic works of film with the recent addition of Brian De Palma's 1981 masterpiece Blow Out . Early in his career Brian De Palma distinguished himself as a maverick independent filmmaker whose work was heavily influenced by Alfred Hitchcock, which is conspicuously evident in
    Posted to Movies Blog (Weblog) by LemmyCaution@evpl on 05-14-2011
  • Celebrate National Poetry Month with Howl

    Celebrating National Poetry Month normally begins by reading or listening to poetry, but one recent film which distills the vivid imagery conjured by poetry into a distinct and celebratory narrative is the film Howl . Howl tells the story of the famous poem created by Allen Ginsberg and the following obscenity trial which was brought against the poem's
    Posted to Movies Blog (Weblog) by LemmyCaution@evpl on 04-15-2011
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