• Claymation this Summer

    As summer begins to roll around, you may be looking for some fun things to do. If the Evansville heat index is too much, try stopping by the library for a series of animation programs made possible through the Dollar General Literacy Foundation. I’m especially looking forward to the multiple claymation programs for teens (ages 12-18). They will
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  • Teen Read Week Winners!

    Teen Read Week Results Special thanks go to all of the teens who voted in our Teen Read Week challenge. We have counted the votes and declared the top five favorite books system wide. These book selections reflect the young adult readers at our libraries. They feature the EVPL top book choices for 2011. And the winning results…(drum roll) 1.
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  • Teen Read Week Challenge

    TEEN READ WEEK Teen Read Week is an initiative started in 1998 by the Young Adult Library Services Association. Libraries annually celebrate Teen Read Week in an effort to reach young adult audiences. Events, contests, and programs are aimed at teens and encoura ge them to read and support their local libraries. This year’s Teen Read Week is October
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  • Fall Gaming: A Place to Kinect

    Our fall edition of weekend gaming kicks off this Saturday! If you’ve ever wondered what you’d look like in a video game, now is the time to join us. New this fall we’ll have Xbox 360 Kinect, the motion sensing game system. No controller is required. Just use your hands and feet to play soccer, table tennis, boxing, and other sports
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  • Facebook Scavenger Hunt Starts Today!

    Facebook Scavenger Hunt: National Banned Books Week National Banned Books Week is held each year during the last week in September. It celebrates our freedom to read and highlights the importance of the First Amendment as it concerns censorship. The American Library Association describes National Banned Books Week as our right to access information
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  • Laser Light Photography for Teens

    Laser Light Photography for Teens In 1949, LIFE photographer Gjon Mili visited the artist Pablo Picasso in the south of France. He showed Picasso some images of ice skaters with lights fixed to their skates. The skaters were photographed in a darkened room and the lights trailed to the back of their skates like little comets. Inspired by these images
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  • Road Trips and Road Warriors

    Well, less than a month now and I’ll be flying to Holland, hiking the mountains of southwest Turkey, and swimming in the cool waters of the Mediterranean. My friend and I plan to bike into the country side of Holland, to scale an epic cliff known as Butterfly Valley in Turkey, and to drink sweet tea on the historic streets of Istanbul. I’m
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