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  • Evansville Historical Records for Businesses and Immigrants

    The people at the Browning Family Foundation, who brought you the Browning Genealogy Database (Evansville area newspaper obituaries) and contributed to the Local History Database , have constructed 3 more historical databases to help local history buffs! If you're looking for an early business and...
    Posted to Research Blog (Weblog) by seeker@evpl on 10-30-2008
  • Evansville Moms

    In searching the web for parenting resources, I came across Evansville Moms . It’s a neat tool for moms in the Evansville area. On this site you can find message boards, a searchable list of local activities/programs for kids, and much more. Check it out !
    Posted to Kids Blog (Weblog) by LibraryLady@evpl on 09-26-2008
  • EVPL gives back to the community

    Thoughts on a storm... Wow! Sunday September 14, 2008 was a wild one. The remnants of Hurricane Ike blew through Evansville and the surrounding area like, well, the remnants of a hurricane. I heard the winds reached 60+ mph as they whipped trees around, tossed unsecured objects, and broke or uprooted...
    Posted to Research Blog (Weblog) by RatherBeReading@evpl on 09-23-2008
  • Indiana Memory

    Many books, manuscripts, photographs, newspapers, and maps have and are being digitized to make them viewable online on the relatively new website, Indiana Memory, . You can search by broad topic or by keyword. The Indiana State Library coordinates this project, but the items...
    Posted to Research Blog (Weblog) by lotech@evpl on 09-22-2008
  • The "It's Evansville" wiki

    The Evansville blog "It's Evansville" has announced the formation of an Evansville wiki . Their goal is to "build a smaller-scale Wikipedia that focuses on the Evansville area: history, local attractions, restaurants and more. Think of it as a mixture of a history book and a Frommer’s...
    Posted to Research Blog (Weblog) by googler@evpl on 08-27-2008
  • Neighborhood population statistics

    I had an interesting question a few weeks ago, about the population of Howell. The question is not as simple as it seems. First, Howell isn't incorporated (which is determined by checking both the census and the US Board on Geographic Names Information System ). But not being an incorporated place...
    Posted to Research Blog (Weblog) by googler@evpl on 07-31-2008
  • What's an "Ozone Alert" and how should you respond to one?

    A recent number of days where Evansville issued Ozone Alerts have resulted in questions about just what that means, what health risks there are, and how a person should take care of themselves during an Ozone Alert. The city of Evansville has a page on its web site explaining what events will result...
    Posted to Research Blog (Weblog) by Bufkinite@evpl on 07-23-2008
  • "It's Evansville"

    If you know of any Evansville blogs worth reading, I'd be interested in hearing about them. The only one I know of is It's Evansville , which is a pretty interesting mix of restaurant reviews, movie reviews, and general views on local issues. The authors and readers have get-togethers locally...
    Posted to Research Blog (Weblog) by googler@evpl on 07-22-2008
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