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  • Let's get Evansville on the (Google) map!

    Evansville is one of 6 international finalists in Google's 2012 "Model Your Town Competition." Evansville native Randall Crane created a 3D model of Evansville's downtown using Google SketchUp and Google Earth. Google selected Randall's model as one of 6 finalists from a pool of...
    Posted to Research Blog (Weblog) by professor.knowsitall@evpl on 04-26-2012
  • How to check traffic problems before leaving for work

    We've been following a good number of Evansville Twitter users, and it's been quite interesting. It's a real community out there. (To find the tweeters we've found, just check out the list of who we're following on our Twitter page , although there are a number of non-Evansville accounts...
    Posted to Research Blog (Weblog) by googler@evpl on 04-28-2010
  • New Webzine Looks at Area Lifestyle Trends

    Evansville Intelligencer is a new webzine launched in April 2009 with content on area health, dining, society, natural and architectural sites, and politics. It's free, easy to use, and readers may comment on the posts.
    Posted to Research Blog (Weblog) by potentate@evpl on 05-12-2009
  • Mayor Announces New Web Site for Arena Project

    In a press conference this afternoon at the Centre, Mayor Weinzapfel announced the creation of a web site for the arena project. Here you'll find all sorts of information about the project, including plans for the building, news reports, and information about the project's financing. I've...
    Posted to Research Blog (Weblog) by potentate@evpl on 05-11-2009
  • Do Not Flush!

    You may remember a time when it was common practice to flush outdated/unused medications down the toilet. Well, that practice has caused some disturbing consequences resulting in the FDA promoting guidelines on proper disposal of drugs. There are still a few drugs that should be flushed, but the majority...
    Posted to Research Blog (Weblog) by wag.mado@evpl on 04-20-2009
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