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  • Bad Movie Night: The Atomic Brain (1963)

    The plot of this week's Bad Movie is about a wealthy but miserable old lady who schemes with a scientist to have her brain implanted in a sexy young woman. The movie itself, along with the help from the Mystery Science crew make this movie a must-see to believe. Come join us for lots of laughs and...
    Posted to Books Blog (Weblog) by wag.mado@evpl on 07-09-2012
  • "John Dillinger : the life and death of America's first celebrity criminal" by Dary Matera

    Because of the Indiana connection, I've always been somewhat interested in John Dillinger. But it was only after watching Johnny Depp bring the notorious bankrobber to life in his latest flick , that I decided to check out the details. This book was just the ticket. Here are some brief FAQs of his...
    Posted to Books Blog (Weblog) by MediaPhile@evpl on 01-27-2010
  • Firefighting Rhinos?

    OK, so it’s not your typical reference question. If it was, I wouldn’t be blogging about it. But, inquiring minds want to know, and they often ask the EVPL Reference department. The question was – Do rhinos really go around stamping out fires? The person asking the question had just...
    Posted to Research Blog (Weblog) by wag.mado@evpl on 07-10-2009
  • Trekkers get social

    If you're one of the many who saw the new Star Trek movie this past weekend, you might be wondering if you can connect with other fans online. Well, in these days of the social web, of course you can. Looks like the Facebook group might be the primary destination for you Trekkers, Trekkies, and Trekfen...
    Posted to Research Blog (Weblog) by googler@evpl on 05-12-2009
  • Have You Seen INKHEART?

    It's very seldom that I make it to a movie theater, but watching this movie during the recent power outage provided a welcome warm spot for me! And I really enjoyed it -- besides the obvious heat in the building, I mean! I had earlier devoured the book by Cornelia Funke, and that's why I picked...
    Posted to Kids Blog (Weblog) by UndergroundLibrarian@evpl on 02-21-2009
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