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  • Speak your mind‚Ķopinions welcome, wanted, and appreciated

    Hello out there to everyone in EVPL blogland, I have a dilemma that I could use your help with. Every year I sit down to plan a workshop on useful government documents and websites (more websites than actual documents now-a-days) and every year I get overwhelmed with the glut of information I could offer…...
    Posted to Research Blog (Weblog) by SuDocQueen@evpl on 07-09-2009
  • Finding Recipes Fast

    Recently I was looking for a lemon recipe and nothing in my cookbooks seemed right. When I turned to a friend for advice, she recommended two easy-to-search websites, All Recipes and Recipe Zaar . My friend and I looked together and ended up choosing a lemon cream cupcake recipe with a 4.4 (out of 5...
    Posted to Research Blog (Weblog) by Shh_ImReading@evpl on 05-08-2009
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