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  • The Counterfeiters not an easy film to watch

    I don't think that The Counterfeiters made it to the Evansville theatres, but you can now watch it in DVD. Made in Austria, it won the 2008 Oscar for Best Foreign Language film. Late in WWII, the Germans conscripted a number of concentration camp prisoners with printing experience to produce counterfeit...
    Posted to Movies Blog (Weblog) by MediaPhile@evpl on 08-05-2008
  • The Dark Knight is way too dark

    SPOILER ALERT! This movie is about a half-hour to one hour too long -- it could have used some judicious editing. Once the relationship between Batman and Rachel is resolved (I won't tell you how), the dramatic tension is gone. They should have just said "And then..." and ended the dang...
    Posted to Movies Blog (Weblog) by MediaPhile@evpl on 07-31-2008
  • "50+: igniting a revolution to reinvent America" by Bill Novelli

    50+: Iginiting a Revolution to Reinvent America by Bill Novelli with Boe Workman How we approach the process of aging can make a huge difference in our retirement years. As we have throughout our lifetime the Baby Boomer generation is making a difference in the way we view and manage the retirement years...
    Posted to Books Blog (Weblog) by Dewey@evpl on 07-31-2008
  • Invention of Hugo Cabret

    This is the Caldecott Award winner with the most pages ever. The detailed pictures are fascinating. Brian Selznick's inventive artwork carries the bulk of the story line.
    Posted to Kids Blog (Weblog) by UndergroundLibrarian@evpl on 07-25-2008
  • "Schuyler's Monster" by Rob Rummel-Hudson

    Before there were blogs, there were online journals and diaries, and one of the best was Rob's. (He's been at a bunch of different URLs, but the current one is here .) He's a very funny writer, usually tending toward the cynical and sarcastic. But that changed somewhat when he became a father...
    Posted to Books Blog (Weblog) by googler@evpl on 07-25-2008
  • "The Impressionist" by Hari Kunzru

    One of the hardest tasks a librarian faces is getting rid of a book that he or she treasures. Today I was reviewing a cart of books that one of the clerks had pulled for me and stalled when I reached "The Impressionist" by Hari Kunzru. A report that I had done showed that it had only been checked...
    Posted to Books Blog (Weblog) by MediaPhile@evpl on 07-23-2008
  • Rome: Seasons 1 & 2

    I just finished a Rome marathon -- loved it! I don't subscribe to HBO but had heard great stuff about the Rome series and noticed it on the shelf and the rest is history. My son Eric says that it was the most expensive TV production ever, which probably contributed to its demise after two seasons...
    Posted to Movies Blog (Weblog) by MediaPhile@evpl on 07-21-2008
  • How Ya Like Me Now

    I've always enjoyed the adult books that Brendan Halpin writes, so I was excited to see a new novel for Young Adults from him. How Ya Like Me Now pulls the reader in pretty quickly, as we meet Eddie just as his life is changing yet again. First his father died, then his mom retreated into whatever...
    Posted to Teens Blog (Weblog) by kiya@evpl on 07-21-2008
  • I Am Legend...not so legendary

    I Am Legend was released on DVD and Blu-Ray on March 12th. I recently watched the Blu-Ray version, and while the picture quality, audio, and special effects were incredible, overall I was left unimpressed. As the third cinematic adaptation of Richard Matheson's 1954 science fiction classic, I Am...
    Posted to Movies Blog (Weblog) by professor.knowsitall@evpl on 06-09-2008
  • A great book...or THE GREATEST book of all time???

    Last weekend I finished reading Stephen Colbert's epic tome I Am America (and So Can You!) . If you have not done yourself the favor of reading this New York Times Bestseller (previously #1 on the hardcover nonfiction list), DO IT NOW! The fate of the free world rests in your hands. Being a fan of...
    Posted to Books Blog (Weblog) by professor.knowsitall@evpl on 06-03-2008
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