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  • Sunshine & Bloodsucking Fiends

    I've avoided Stephanie Meyer 's Twilight series and put off trying Charlaine Harris ' Sookie Stackhouse series but I haven't steered clear of all vampire novels. Several years ago, I read Sunshine ( see also ) by Robin McKinley after a friend recommended it. It was so good I picked it...
    Posted to Books Blog (Weblog) by Shh_ImReading@evpl on 07-20-2010
  • Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter ---- better than it sounds

    Yes I know it sounds awful. But------surprisingly it held my interest. I downloaded the book Abraham Lincoln - Vampire Hunter from Overdrive and listened to it on my mp3 player. There was just enough historical information so that it stopped short of being totally ludicrous. Once you got past the vampire...
    Posted to Books Blog (Weblog) by on 05-26-2010
  • Cursed

    The Pire family was perfectly happy living on Nostfer Avenue. But, when the new neighbors move in, things change quickly. The Wolfson's stay up all night, they lock their windows, and they love sunshine! What's a happy vampire family to do? They are too different in too many ways to get along...
    Posted to Kids Blog (Weblog) by HipChick@evpl on 10-16-2009
  • "Called Out of Darkness: a Spiritual Confession" by Anne Rice

    I have long been a fan of Anne Rice's legendary vampire and witch series so was intrigued enough to pick up this short autobiography. Rice describes the reasons behind her return to Christianity after 38 years as an athiest. She details her parochial school upbringing in New Orleans and her strong...
    Posted to Books Blog (Weblog) by MediaPhile@evpl on 11-12-2008
  • "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer

    Okay; I admit it. I have never liked vampires. From a very young age, I have been really very scared of them. So when the Twilight books came out, I was reluctant to take them on. Sure, Harry Potter had his Dementors, but you could be pretty sure Harry would come out okay. With vampires, though, you...
    Posted to Books Blog (Weblog) by myzticrhythmz@evpl on 09-06-2008
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