Personal Money Management, Debt & Credit

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Money management and budgeting (subject heading: finance, personal)
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  • Toohey, Bill. The Average Family's Guide to Financial Freedom
  • Lawrence, Judy. The Budget Kit: The Common Cents Money Management Workbook
  • Ernst and Young's Personal Financial Planning Guide: Take Control of Your Future and Unlock the Door to Financial Security
  • Goodman, Jordan Elliot. Everyone's Money Book on Financial Planning
  • Sander, Peter J. The Everything Personal Finance Book: Manage, Budget, Save, and Invest Your Money Wisely
  • The New Money Book of Personal Finance: Saving, Planning, Investing, and Borrowing -- All the Information You Need in One Easy-to-Follow Guide

Debt and credit (subject heading: consumer credit)

  • Furman, John. Credit Diet: How to Shed Unwanted Debt and Achieve Fiscal Fitness
  • Kimball, Cheryl. The Everything Get Out of Debt Book: Evaluate Your Option, Determine Your Course of Action, And Make a Fresh Start
  • Pahl, Greg. Unofficial Guide to Beating Debt
  • McNaughton, Deborah. The Get Out of Debt Kit: Your Roadmap to Total Financial Freedom
  • Goodman, Jordan Elliot. Everyone's Money Book on Credit

Bankruptcy (subject heading: bankruptcy)

  • Caher, James P. Personal Bankruptcy for Dummies

Estate planning (subject heading: estate planning)

  • Caverly, N. Brian. Estate Planning for Dummies
  • Fleming, Edmund T. Estate Planning and Administration: How to Maximize Assets, Minimize Taxes, and Protect Loved Ones
  • Colgate, Kimberly A. The Everything Wills and Estate Planning Book
  • Apolinsky, Harold I. J.K. Lasser's New Rules for Estate Planning and Taxes
  • Gentry, F. Bruce. The Complete Will Kit
  • Ventura, John. The Will Kit

Retirement planning (subject heading: retirement -- planning)

  • Goodman, Jordan Elliot. Everyone's Money Book on Retirement Planning
    Ernst and Young's Retirement Planning Guide

Investing (subject heading: investments)

  • Wasik, John F. The Kitchen-Table Investor: Low-Risk, Low-Maintenance Wealth-Building Strategies for Working Families
  • Tobias, Andrew P. The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need

cautionary websites

Beware of debt consolidation services. If your bank won't make a consolidation loan, use a reputable service like the Consumer Credit Counseling Service; (812) 422-1109.

  • Money Management International: This is the gateway to Consumer Credit Counseling Services nationwide, and offers a number of budgeting tools and debt calculators, as well as solid advice for handling a debt management plan.

  • Federal Trade Commission: "Ads promising debt relief may be offering bankruptcy."