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Finding People

Local Resources

Central Library has a large collection of current telephone books from most of the cities in Indiana and the Tri-State area, and major cities in the rest of the United States. White pages give addresses and phone numbers for both residences and businesses; yellow pages can list types of business available in an area, and can also give additional pertinent information in their ads.

The Business Reference collection at Central Library has many directories of different types of businesses -- manufacturers, services, or organizations -- often providing additional information such as fax numbers, toll-free numbers, web site addresses, names of top officials, sales, or number of employees.

American Business Disc is a CD-ROM product available only at Central Library that offers information on nearly 12 million U.S. businesses. Besides searching by name or keyword in the name, you can search by products or service type; state, city, county, area code or zip code; size by sales volume or numbers of employees; public or non-public companies; or even yellow page ad size.

We also have many specialized directories giving addresses and phone numbers for specific subject areas such as: hospitals and physicians, colleges or schools, celebrities, libraries, chambers of commerce, newspapers, radio stations, state officials, campgrounds, toll-free numbers or nude beaches.

Useful Websites

Find the address and phone number for people or businesses

  • Anywho
    Also use to find toll-free numbers, email or websites. Reverse search finds name associated with telephone number.

  • InfoSpace
    Also use to find toll-free numbers, fax, and company URLs. Reverse Lookup finds people by phone number, address with house number, or e-mail address without needing to specify state. Also has foreign country sections.

  • Switchboard
    Also use for email addresses, nearby businesses, maps, and reverse telephone numbers. Links to background searches for a fee.

  • The Ultimates
    Search six databases without retyping.

Other kinds of searches

  • Inter800
    Find toll-free numbers of businesses by company name, product or service. Also search by number to find who owns it.

    Find someone's name or address when all you have is a telephone number. If all you have is an address, use the "reverse address" link at the top.

    Find name or address for a telephone number or a street address.

    Search for email addresses by people's name.

  • World telephone directories
    Use these links to find online directories for international addresses or telephone numbers in over 170 countries all around the world.

  • Telephone prefix locator
    For telephone numbers, find where a given prefix is in any area code. Also lists area codes in a state, common telemarketer numbers, recent area code splits, toll free, reserved, and special use area codes.