New & Upcoming Titles

Our list of New & Upcoming Titles contains recently-received titles and upcoming titles of interest to teens. These titles are on order or have been received, and are entered into our online catalog. Clicking on a title will take you to our online catalog, where you can place a hold on any item except the new DVD titles.

Updated 10/25/16
CoverAuthorTitlePub DateDate Added
The hawkweed prophecy by Irena Brignull Brignull, Irena The hawkweed prophecy Arrived 10/20/16
Naked '76 by Kevin Brooks Brooks, Kevin Naked '76 Arrived 10/20/16
Georgia Peaches and other forbidden fruit by Jaye Robin Brown Brown, Jaye Robin Georgia Peaches and other forbidden fruit Arrived 10/20/16
Watched by Marina Tamar Budhos Budhos, Marina Tamar Watched Arrived 10/20/16
The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron Cameron, Sharon The Forgetting Arrived 10/25/16
The light fantastic by Sarah Combs Combs, Sarah The light fantastic Arrived 10/25/16
How to keep rolling after a fall by Karole Cozzo Cozzo, Karole How to keep rolling after a fall Arrived 10/25/16
The possibility of somewhere by Julia Day Day, Julia The possibility of somewhere Arrived 10/20/16
Gutless by Carl Deuker Deuker, Carl Gutless Arrived 10/25/16
Tell me something real by Calla Devlin Devlin, Calla Tell me something real Arrived 10/20/16
Scary out there by edited by Jonathan Maberry ; stories by Linda Addison [and 21 others] edited by Jonathan Maberry ; stories by Linda Addison [and 21 others] Scary out there Arrived 10/20/16
Fall of Hades by Richard Paul Evans Evans, Richard Paul Fall of Hades Arrived 10/25/16
Phantom limbs by Paula Garner Garner, Paula Phantom limbs Arrived 10/25/16
Girl mans up by M-E Girard Girard, M-E Girl mans up Arrived 10/20/16
Wired man and other freaks of nature by Sashi Kaufman Kaufman, Sashi Wired man and other freaks of nature Arrived 10/20/16
Don't you trust me? by Patrice Kindl Kindl, Patrice Don't you trust me? Arrived 10/20/16
Last descendants by Matthew J. Kirby Kirby, Matthew J. Last descendants Arrived 10/20/16
And the trees crept in by Dawn Kurtagich Kurtagich, Dawn And the trees crept in Arrived 10/20/16
Elite by Mercedes Lackey Lackey, Mercedes Elite Arrived 10/20/16
Irreversible by Chris Lynch Lynch, Chris Irreversible Arrived 10/20/16
Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco Maniscalco, Kerri Stalking Jack the Ripper Arrived 10/25/16
Running girl by Simon Mason Mason, Simon Running girl Arrived 10/20/16
The thousandth floor by Katharine McGee McGee, Katharine The thousandth floor Arrived 10/20/16
It looks like this by Rafi Mittlefehldt Mittlefehldt, Rafi It looks like this Arrived 10/20/16
The scourge by Jennifer A. Nielsen Nielsen, Jennifer A. The scourge Arrived 10/20/16
Grey Stone by Jean Knight Pace Pace, Jean Knight Grey Stone Arrived 10/20/16
Into white by Randi Pink Pink, Randi Into white Arrived 10/25/16
The memory of things by Gae Polisner Polisner, Gae The memory of things Arrived 10/20/16
The monster on the road is me by J. P. Romney Romney, J. P. The monster on the road is me Arrived 10/20/16
Just kill me by Adam Selzer Selzer, Adam Just kill me Arrived 10/20/16
As I descended by Robin Talley Talley, Robin As I descended Arrived 10/25/16
Possession by M. Verano Verano, M. Possession Arrived 10/20/16
Someone I wanted to be by Aurelia Wills Wills, Aurelia Someone I wanted to be Arrived 10/20/16